Monday, January 28, 2013

Reality TV in the Shenandoah (Political) Valley...

In a bizarre twist, or maybe not since it is from the “SWAC-Nation” people, it seems the guy who crashed a Obama event at the Whitehouse is now running as an independent candidate in the upcoming Virginia gubernatorial race. Turns out Tareq Salahi will be coming to the Virginia Shenandoah Valley and attending a “Swac-Breakfast” forum which it appears will be used in his “Reality-TV” program describing his actions as a candidate in a gubernatorial race and his efforts to “Crash the Vote”….
It’s interesting that Tariq will be highlighted at a “SWAC-breakfast” which is coordinated by several who claim to have been once strong supporters of the VA Republican party in a event that that will only bring criticism to Virginia politics. Just what Virginia needs, a reality-TV program focusing on the “Swing State” of Virginia and the upcoming election cycle. Can’t wait until Jon Stewart gets ahold of this and I end up watching Virginia politics on the Comedy channel…


  1. No surprise there. The SWAC Crew members are only interested in thier own personal political power, even at the expense of common policy goals that are shared with people they have hurt in the area GOP, both on a political and personal level.

  2. Unfortunately I am sure that the NewsLeader and Bob Stuart of the NewsVirginian can't wait to write about this. I expect to see the NewsLeader come up with a McCloskey editorial cartoon that will tie this guy with the Republican party in a way that will not look good but yet make the Democrats look like heroes... "Reality comes to the Valley"... I only hope the people see this for what it really is and they see the "Sponsors" for what they really are....

  3. What a joke. Can't wait to see the media drool over this

  4. I am sure the NewsVirginian will make a focus of it but what will the people of the Valley think of it ?

  5. here is the thing... with these shows, they have their own agenda, much of it "scripted". We have no idea of what this guy will say to make Republicans look kooky, or Shenandoah Valley residents out to be rubes. The producers will be asking questions of the crowd, with cameras rolling, with the sole purpose of someone saying something dumb or stupid that will make for good "scripted reality". For the SWAC Gang, as long as they get to preen for the Daily NewsMisleader and BoobVirginian reporter Stuart, they don't really give a damn. Perhaps if we are lucky, the Cameras WILL catch the SWACster waddling around spouting off her usual idiotic bantering.

  6. Anon 7:33,

    Good point and we all know that a well scripted meeting and discussion that sticks only to the issues and truth will not sell in the world of "Reality"....
    Can only imagine the edited clips that come out of something like this especially if some "creative" questions are asked...
    Look for the next BOS campaign signs in the background?......