Monday, March 3, 2014

Great follow up question to: "If no budget next week be sure to ask where Terry-Mac was"...

Great follow up comment and question to a post I did over at RightsideVA regarding our Governor's visit to Augusta Health (AMC) and the past history of Augusta Health with possible competition. 

 “Today the Governor is visiting the most profitable hospital in the Commonwealth. Augusta Health reported $64,470,310 in net revenue in 2012 and a 23 percent net operating margin in 2013. Augusta Health’s operating margin is higher than any other hospital in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The President and CEO of Augusta Health, Mary Mannix, was paid over $600,000 in 2011. Now, Governor McAuliffe is asking Virginia taxpayers to take a gamble on Medicaid expansion in order to offset cuts coming as a result of the Affordable Care Act – legislation that American Hospital Association wholeheartedly endorsed."... 

Full post and comment can be found at this link here: "If no budget next week be sure to ask where Terry-Mac was"


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  1. This is why being a Lobbyist is so good. Anybody know what kind of money this medical center has donated in the past?