Saturday, April 27, 2013

BOS goes with $.03 per $100

Looks like the Board of Supervisors BOS decided to go with a tax INCREASE of $.03 cents per $100 when all was said and done. It is interesting how one of the local newspapers reported it as the BOS "Slashed" the tax INCREASE to $.03 from the advertised $.05 that was earlier reported but not yet voted on...

It was also reported that Supervisor Willis commented that there is a obvious need for additional revenue from the school board but the tax INCREASE needed to be fair to all of the citizens...

This has become a interesting process to follow in the news as well as conversations with citizen taxpayers. We all agree that we want the children to have everything that they need but what is the correct balance. During this debate there was a incredible amount requested for computer replacement and upgrade but how much of was really needed?
"A New Laptop in every Backpack" needed or just wanted? Several Letter to the Editors asked the question why and how so much money was being spent on computers and at what results? Technology is a great tool but are basics being ignored (math, reading, writing) for the more flashy computer programs?...

Another important aspect of this tax INCREASE was how much of a pay increase will go to the teachers, paid staff, and benefits... It has been a ongoing debate over the years how Augusta pay scales compare to other counties in Virginia but let's face it. It's a whole lot cheaper to live in this area as compared to Arlington, Richmond, NOVA, etc... Sure we want our teachers to be paid fairly but look at what some of them are making as compared to the citizens (Taxpayers) are making. $.03 cents might be a "Slash" but is still a substantial increase at a time when the economy is still barely improving....

It was also very interesting to watch several of the Supervisors squirm & dance on this when considering their past campaign promises......



  1. Dont worry another tax increase will fallow next year due to the reassessment, as indicated by Pyles and Karraffa. The political excuse i surmise will be the so called "equializing" the tax rate with the fall of property values. If there is a fall in property values.

    Whats laughable about this whole ordeal is that last year when funding for Michaels job was on the line, increasing the Personal Property Tax was A OKAY. Even the Swacgirl(Spinster) was churning out article after article, about the Support Our Schools Coalition and justifying the tax increase and even going so far as writing an indepth article about how being conservative means raising taxes when needed to support education.(This was due Karraffa breaking his NO TAX Campaign Promise) Fast forward to this year when it involved dozens of part time jobs, health benefits and education as a whole, the tone was a complete 180. The hypocrisy is sickening from these individuals.

  2. Anon 1:33

    I found it amazing how easy it was for the property tax to be raised and how hard we get hit on items such as the car tax. Here we have a item used for work and well being only to be subject to a yearly tax on something we have paid for...

    "Funding for Michaels job" political payback?...
    I would have to agree.

  3. Karaffa has learned the two step in no time at all. I see those save our school signs in empty lots and most neglected and forgotten by many. Just another issue for the "Gang" to use to get attention and then forget about once used up.
    Anon you are correct the coin flipped when needed to save the Governors school and a job but now it's back to politics.

  4. the SWACster is an idiot. The problem the rest of us working folk have is that she has so much idle time that she has a scary amount of influence. Its kinda like working for a company that has a bunch of yes men back in the home office. They can be as dumb as rocks but because they have more access to the executives and the final word, the powers that be are often unduly influenced.

  5. Stan
    I have seen several signs out of place and half fallen alongside the roads and lots. The "novelty" has worn off for they achieved the goal in saving the Gov's school "Job" at the time...

  6. But are they just playing a game with us as pointed out by the first anonymous comments above? Are they just waiting for the re-assessment to make their "wish list"? Are we gonna end up paying more in the end by just taking a different route to get there?

  7. will Karaffa vote for the increase in taxes that will be necessary when the grant money for his new firefighters run out? I doubt it. The adults in the room will be forced to make the politically tough decisions while he preens for the crowd and the media.

  8. Anon 7:43,

    It will be interesting to watch for in a way its the same thing the National (Fed) government has done with the stimulus spending. To "create" jobs with made-up money to solve problems only to face a bigger problem down the road when that false money runs out. Sort of like living off a credit card and waiting for the play money to run out.... Or will there be more votes to buy down the road with more deficit spending?...

  9. After the election Swacgirl gets appointed by Pyles to the Library Board. While Karraffa apoints 3 of his campaign workers to the Economic Developoment Authority, Library Board and Recycling Committee. Cronyism anyone? I guess Augusta County was behind the times as the Gang of 4 said during the Election.

  10. "Stacking the Deck"
    But for what to come?

  11. More like payment for a job well done and to surround himself with loyal "yes men".

  12. You people refuse to give David a chance to bring the citizens together and right the wrongs of the board of supervisors. David has reached across the aisle to work with supervisor Pyles to correct the wrongs brought on by a false reassessment that was ignored by the other supervisors. Give David a chance for it is not a easy job!

  13. Lets talk about the wrongs of that reassessment. One of the gang of 3 sat in my living room and said if i would support him, he would do away with that false reassessment within the first 6 months of taking office. Well June 2012 came and so did the first half of my real estate taxes based on that false reassessment. The second half came in 2012, now the first half of 2013 is coming and still none of those "wrongs" have ben corrected.

  14. Anon 10:24
    I believe the people have given "David" a chance as well as the other Supervisors who campaigned on the "False reassessment" mentioned by Anon 6:58 and are still waiting for the campaign promise to happen...

    The interesting thing to watch for is if the local media will remember & report this?

  15. David has done a stand-up job meeting with the people in his district whenever he can. He also works with likeminded people from other districts in hopes of getting more qualified people onto the board of supervisors so real changes can be made in the future for Augusta county. Reassessment was not possible in the first six months but he is out there fighting to make things better!

  16. Anon 1:53,

    "in hopes of getting more qualified people onto the board of supervisors"

    Does this mean we should be expecting another round of the "Gang O Four" once again?

  17. "more-qualified"- in other words, more people that agree with him about approving spending taxpayer money in a way that delays actually having to vote for the tax increase so that blame can be shifted to people that disagree with him about the spending in the first place?

    1. Sounds about right! When looking at past actions.